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  • What types of crime can I submit a tip on?
    You can report on any crime! Here are some examples: homicides, carjackings, robberies, vandalism, drugs, weapons, fugitives, hit-and-runs, missing persons, animal abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, and any other crimes that you believe you have critical information on that could help law enforcement.
  • Do I have to testify in court if someone is arrested?
    NO! You are 100% anonymous throughout the entire process. We do not ask your name, your phone number or any information about you. There is no caller ID on any Crime Stoppers phones. The information from submitting a tip on the website is secure, and transmissions are encrypted. We have absolutely zero information about you, so we CAN’T bring you into court! Also, there are laws in Michigan protecting tipsters from being forced to testify in court!
  • How do I remain anonymous?
    Crime Stoppers of Michigan will NEVER ask for your name or any personal information. Your identity is a tip number that is given to you, that is the only way to identify you in the process. For a full description of our anonymous process, please click here.
  • When can I report information on crimes?
    You can submit information on a crime that has already happened as soon as possible! You do not have to wait for a news story, or for us to release a poster. Submit a tip in one of two ways, by calling 1-800-SPEAK-UP or online at If a crime is in progress, dial 911.
  • How do I get paid anonymously?
    Crime Stoppers partners with businesses in Southeast Michigan that help us distribute cash rewards anonymously! All you need is your tip number and how much the reward is, and you will be handed an envelope full of cash! That’s it! No questions asked!
  • Is Crime Stoppers part of the police?
    NO! Crime Stoppers of Michigan is an independent, non-profit organization that is a resource for law enforcement. Again, we are NOT the Police! Crime Stoppers is a buffer between any citizen and the law enforcement agencies!
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