how it works

To empower people to anonymously report crime to prevent and solve criminal activity while increasing safety in our neighborhoods, schools, churches & businesses.  

For just $5/month ($60 a year), you can support us and earn rewards as well!

Club Tote-bag…

…& the Whistle Light

Livingston                                             Macomb
Monroe                                                  Oakland
St. Clair                                          Washtenaw
                                & Wayne 

Report crime anonymously!

To increase the likelihood of a beneficial tip, please include as much detail as possible that includes but not limited to:

  • Crime type:
  • Crime date:
  • Crime location:
  • Victim name:
  • Suspect(s) name:
  • Details of how the crime was committed:
  • Weapon or drug type:
  • If applicable, vehicle Information:
  • Any other information that could possibly assist law enforcement in their investigation:

Do not identify yourself as you MUST be anonymous!!!

how it works:

submit a tip

When you submit a tip, you remain totally anonymous!

an arrest is made

If your anonymous tip results in an arrest, you will then be awarded a cash reward!

Get paid

If an arrest is made, we will advise you on how to collect your cash reward anonymously!