Who Would Care Pt. 2

If Crime Stoppers of Michigan went out of business tomorrow, who would care?

In Part 2 of this series, we’re exploring another side to the services we provide at Crime Stoppers: our anonymous tip-line. From the tipsters who call in, to law enforcement who are helped by the tips, these answers highlight just how impactful our 1-800-SPEAKUP tip line really is.

“The anonymous tipsters would care. These individuals do not want to call the police and testify in court because they are fearful of retaliation. All of the hundreds of cases that have been solved by Crime Stoppers of Michigan tipsters might remain unsolved. The individuals who committed the crimes could go on to commit several other crimes and bring heartache to many other families.”

“Law Enforcement would care.”

“The departments who have seen cases be closed from a tip that came from us would be disappointed to see such a helpful organization disappear.”

“Crime Stoppers of Michigan services over 200 law enforcement agencies at the Local, State and Federal Level. If we failed to exist those agencies would lose a resource that provides valuable information in the solving of crime. Crime Stoppers of Michigan provides information from anonymous people that may have chosen to never give information directly to law enforcement.

At times investigative leads from our anonymous tipsters are the only information a law enforcement agency receives on a particular crime. Our anonymous tips may give information that provides the name of a suspect or information that gives an investigator a starting point to close a case by arresting those responsible.”

We are proud of how effective our tip line is at preserving our tipster’s anonymity. All calls and tip submissions through our website are processed at a call center in Texas and then the tip is relayed to Crime Stoppers of Michigan with only a tip # attached. (For more information about how the tip process works, click here.) We are also proud to be a small part of our law enforcement partner’s efforts to solve crimes in southeast Michigan. Together with our anonymous tipsters and law enforcement, we will continue our efforts to increase safety in our neighborhoods, schools, churches & businesses… Because your safety matters!

-Tish D.
Digital Media Specialist

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