Who Would Care? Part 1

In honor of Crime Stoppers of Michigan month, I tried a little exercise with our staff. I asked everyone “If Crime Stoppers of Michigan went out of business tomorrow, who would care?

The goal of the exercise was actually to answer a more complicated question: Why does what we do here matter? The responses I received were better than anything I could ever write, so I decided to share them in a 3 part blog series.

Of course, initially, everyone replied with “I would care!!!” Which was the obvious and expected response. But then I started to receive a different response that summed up why our work really matters…

  • “Well I of course would care and I know that all the families that we serve would care…”
  • “I would care, because I believe we are trying to do a very noble thing in our communities and I have seen first-hand tips close cases and families be brought some peace…”
  • “The families that are looking for help in the solving of their family member’s case.”
  • “The families we have helped would be tremendously upset if Crime Stoppers was no longer here.”
  • “Who would care? Good question… Families who are losing their children of all ages to gun violence.”
  • “The families that Crime Stoppers helps and supports would care.”

Our work matters to the families we serve. Crime Stoppers of Michigan provides caring and compassionate support throughout the whole process to both crime victims and their families at no cost. To start, we provide them with posters, door hangers, press conferences and social media platforms to get the information to the public in hopes someone call in with the right information to solve these cases. Then, we offer a bi-monthly “family meeting” to provide an environment for them to share their experiences and feelings with others who know what they’re going through. And finally, through our anonymous tip-line and cash rewards, we try provide the police with the information they need to solve their or their loved one’s case.

Our goal is help these families feel empowered and feel safe again in their own neighborhoods and communities. Because to us, that’s what matters.

– Tish D.
Digital Media Specialist

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