Stand Up Speak Up Month

Every May is designated as Stand Up Speak Up Month for Project Good Samaritan, the faith based program of Crime Stoppers of Michigan. Leaders of faith communities are asked to become Faith Based Sponsors, to help share the story of our work, and encourage involvement of congregants as volunteers with our initiatives, supporters of our cause and as the eyes and ears of their own communities.

This year, faith leaders are being asked to lead their respective faith communities in one of several activities on the last two weekends of May to help us celebrate Stand Up Speak Up Month and work with us to make our communities, schools, businesses and churches safer. Faith communities can sponsor a Crime Victims Awareness Sunday where congregants who have personally or through a family member been impacted by violent crime to come forward for prayer.  They may instead choose to opt to do a Crime Stoppers Awareness Sunday. For this initiative, faith leaders will be supplied with talking points to share the story of Crime Stoppers of Michigan and some of the phenomenal work done through our community outreach initiatives from their pulpits. A final option is a Crime Stoppers Prayer Sunday where Faith leaders are encouraged to do a Prayer Walk around the block or through the neighborhood where their faith community worships, immediately following the weekend service.

If you would like for your faith community to participate with Stand Up Speak Up Month, please contact our Faith Based Program Manager, Bishop James A. Williams, Ii at (313) 922-5000, ext. 120 or by email:

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