Here at Crime Stoppers of Michigan, or mission is to work together with citizens and law enforcement to build stronger, safer communities! We do this by empowering individuals to use our anonymous tip line in order to solve a crime, or stop one from happening in the first place. This is how it works:

When you submit a tip through Crime Stoppers, you and your information is always 100% anonymous! When you call our tip line, it goes to our Call Center in Canada. We do this ensure that your voice will not be recognized! There is NO caller ID and NO recording.

When you call, you DO NOT give your name, or any other personal information. You are given a pin number, and that is your identity! After you have given the operator your tip, you will be instructed to call back to see if your tip leads to an arrest. (We can't contact you because we don't have your name or number!)

When we receive tips, we process them and send them to the law enforcement officers who are involved in that case, who will then investigate those tips. If the tips lead to an arrest, the officers or detectives will inform Crime Stoppers, and the tipster will be eligible for a cash reward!

Again, In order to find out if your tip lead to an arrest, you must call back with the right tip number because there is absolutely NO way to contact you!

After you call back with your tip number and find out that you are entitled to a cash reward, you will be told where to go and who to ask for to pick up your cash reward! (These places are normally banks who partner with us, this way you look like everyone else, and the bank will respect our procedures to keep you anonymous!)

In order to receive your cash reward, you must have the correct ID number, and the correct amount of cash that you are entitled too. Once you ask for the right person, give them the right information, you will be given an envelope filled with CASH, and you will be on your way... THAT'S IT!