Dear Faith Based Associates:

Allow us to give a special word of thanks to each of you who has taken the laudable step of making a financial contribution to the work of Crime Stoppers of Michigan through our faith based program, Project Good Samaritan. Your contribution has assisted us to continue our work of collectively empowering the communities we serve to combat crime and its consequences and to minister healing to those who have been victimized by crime.

It is not widely known, but Crime Stoppers of Michigan is unique in that we are one of the few Crime Stopper organizations in the country that offer community outreach programs like Project Good Samaritan. We are the first and remain one of only a handful of Crime Stoppers organizations that understands the unique role the faith community can play in combating this problem and showing compassion for victims. Your contribution is undergirding groundbreaking work in southeast Michigan that we hope to see replicated across our great country.

In the last five years, more than 28,000 people decided to help keep our local neighborhoods safe by calling Crime Stoppers and reporting information, safely and anonymously. These anonymous tipsters have helped take 300 wanted fugitives off our streets and solve 98 homicides, 78 robberies and carjackings and hundreds of other crimes and to award more than $450,000 in cash rewards to anonymous tipsters. Your contribution helps make all this possible.

Through your contribution, you have shown yourself and your ministry to be compassionate enough to feel the pain of those victimized by crime, concerned enough to get involved with their plight and committed enough to provide for their long-term care.

On behalf of Crime Stoppers of Michigan, thank you for your compassion, concern, and commitment to making our neighborhoods, schools, churches, and businesses safer.


Bishop James A. Williams, II
Faith Based Program Manager 
Crime Stoppers of Michigan


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