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  • According to the Michigan Incident Crime Reporting, in 2016, Michigan State Police reported 341,550 crimes within our seven-county region. Crimes included robbery, larceny, retail fraud, motor vehicle theft, arson, assault, sexual assault, manslaughter, and murder.
  • In 2001, the National Institute of Justice published a study that claimed that fear of crime attracts criminals since communities that fear crime tend to have weaker social fabric and don’t look out for each other
  • Studies indicate that higher crime rates impose a significant financial burden on local governments. The costs related to maintaining necessary police force operations, legal fees, and both jail and prison upkeep places a heavy financial strain on taxpayers.
  • Through lower property values, higher insurance premiums and reduced investment in high-crime areas, the community at large suffers as a result.
  • A 2016 Wilson Center study states that increases in violent crime reduce the number of sectors that operate in an area, limiting economic diversification, increasing market concentration, and diminishing economic complexity.
  • According to the U.S. Chamber Foundation, crime may be a factor in as many as 30% of business failures.

Solving crime is a difficult and demanding job which challenges law enforcement agencies. We provide the means for witnesses to provide anonymous information to law enforcement that helps them to solve and prevent crime cases. Increasing our resources will enable us to continue expanding the reach of our programs, empowering residents, strengthening communities, and sharing critical information with our law enforcement partners.

Your financial support enables us to provide:

  • Guaranteed 24/7 anonymous tip services
  • Processing of anonymous tips for law enforcement
  • Publicity for 500+ criminal cases/year
  • 100+ television press conferences
  • Cash rewards UP TO $2,500 in the event of arrest
  • 10 Community Outreach Programs
  • Project Safe Campus (K-12 school prevention program)

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