Crime Stoppers Family Meetings Offer Comfort and Companionship


One of the often overlooked services that Crime Stoppers of Michigan provides to the community is our bi-monthly Family Meetings.  These “family meetings” allow traumatized persons to share their story with others who actually know what they’re going through because they have shared experiences. It is therapeutic and empowering for all involved. 

Our upcoming Family Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 27th will feature several activities designed to help family members remember and celebrate their lost loved ones in ways that are therapeutic and inspiring. There will be an art project, a creative writing project and a video project; all going forth simultaneously in a carefree, congenial atmosphere of support and solace. The meeting will be held at 18000 W. Nine Mile Rd in Southfield, MI. from 6:30 p.m.—8:30 p.m. 

If you and your family are working through issues of grief resulting from the loss of loved ones dues to violent crime, we invite you to come and join us. Someone cares. Someone understands. Someone can help.

-Bishop James Williams

For more information on the Family Meetings or other services we provide to crime victims and their families, please click here

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