A Few Words from Andrea Isom

Crime Stoppers of Michigan has always had a close working relationship with the local news stations. They have assisted us by publicizing our cases and helping create a greater awareness of our mission. One member of the media, who has been a major supporter of ours and the families we work with, is Andrea Isom (Specialty Reporter for WXYZ Detroit). She was kind enough to pen a letter for us that was so moving, we needed to share.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am reaching out to you to share my deepest respect and admiration for the entire team at Crime Stoppers of Michigan. This cohesive unit works tirelessly to seek truth, answers and justice for every citizen the organization so faithfully serves.

Crime Stopper of Michigan is special, unique and powerful. It had managed to accomplish incredible success with minimal staffing and minimal funding. Just imagine what it could do with more money and more resources. Crime Stoppers of Michigan would be an even more unstoppable force!

Crime fighting matters to me, as a journalist who covers it across the country. It also matter to me for the safety of my family, my friends, my neighbors and all communities, both near and far.

Crime Stoppers of Michigan has made it its mission to send a strong message to criminals… That they WILL be caught! Its pillars have also made it their heartfelt priority to comfort and align themselves with the innocent victims for crime and the loved ones they leave behind.

I have worked alongside Crime Stoppers of Michigan since 2004 as a news reporter in Detroit. I continued my relationshi9p with the organization as a national crime correspondent with Crime Watch Daily. I also have to say, I was beyond delighted to keep our bond alive when I returned home as a Specialty Reporter for ABC, WXYZ in Detroit.

On behalf of all of the staff at Crime Stoppers of Michigan, we’d like to say “Thank you!” to Andrea for taking the time to write such a kind letter on our behalf.

-Tish D.
Digital Media Specialist

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