2022 Children’s Christmas Party

Crime Stoppers of Michigan is hosting our annual Christmas party for children and their families on Saturday, December 10. Families that have been victims of violence, have a loved one that is missing or have been a victim of a crime are invited. Help us prepare a Christmas party to bring a little joy, happiness and put a smile on these children’s faces. The party includes a delicious dinner, a cozy venue, games, entertainment for the whole family and Christmas gifts given by Santa and his elves.
Please donate so we can invite and help Santa give a gift bag of toys, clothes, and books to our children in this unforgettable Christmas party. Instead of sadness, we want the room filled with a day of joy, happiness, and peace for these children and their families. Share with your friends and family so together we can continue to support and bring happiness to the children in our communities.
All donors are welcome to send a representative to the event to help spread the love and Christmas spirit to the children. Please RSVP.